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The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change. . .

--- Isaac Asimov.




"Obamacare" and other regulations require major changes in the software systems of virtually every healthcare provider, insurer, and benefits administrator over the next several years. Changes and Trends Software has over 100 experienced consultants who can help you with these projects.

For example, one of the major requirements that healthcare providers have to comply with is to switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding in all systems within the next year or so (the deadline is being moved, but not by much). Conversion to ICD-10 is widely referred to as the "Y2K" problem for the healthcare industry.

We can supply experienced ICD-10 consultants to augment your staff's efforts in changing your software applications to work with ICD-10 codes.

We can also help by lowering the cost of testing all your systems for ICD-10 compatibility, while complying with HIPAA guidelines that ban the use of actual health records in testing environments. Our testing services include data-masking services that produce realistic (but not real) versions of your production data for testing purposes.


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