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The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change. . .

--- Isaac Asimov.



Consulting Services

Changes and Trends Software has been building custom web-based software solutions for medium-to-large businesses (including Fortune 1000 corporations) since 2005. We have developers in the USA and the Philippines, allowing us to provide an economical mix of onsite, onshore, and offshore services.

Our principals have decades of experience in creating custom software solutions for various industries. Together with our partners, we have a pool of over 900 development, QA, and maintenance resources that you can utilize for your projects.

Skills and Expertise

Our associates are certified practitioners in a wide range of environments, methodologies, development platforms, programming languages, databases. Key examples are:

  • In-house Environments: mainframe, Unix/Linus, Wintel, IOS/Android
  • Cloud Environments: Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure,
  • Methodologies: agile, traditional (waterfall), hybrid
  • Development Platforms: Open systems, Windows .Net, mobile, mainframe
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Programming Languages: Java, C#, C++, Objective C, COBOL, Ruby on rails, HTML 5, Javascript, VBA, T-Sql, PL/SQL, Apex

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Industries and Domain Knowledge

Our associates and partners have acquired domain knowledge in a variety of industries and application areas over the years. Our training and knowledge retention-and-transfer processes ensure that this expertise is shared by associates, and maintained as a key asset of the organization.

This means we can provide you not just with IT skills, but with business insights, as well. Here is a partial list of industries and specific applications where we have extensive domain knowledge and experience:

  • Healthcare:
    • conversion and testing of systems to handle ICD-10 codes
    • benefit design, drug coverage rules, refill rules
    • claims processing, payment, reporting, and auditing
    • call center and web tools support
  • Banking:
    • alternative banking channel integration (integrating customer interaction via call center, mobile phones, internet, kiosk, POS, ATM, teller station)
  • Higher Education: Data collection and reporting for government grant usage
  • Retail: Global franchising with customized POS systems
  • Transport Industry:
    • airline above-wing and below-wing systems
    • intermodal freight transport logistics systems
  • Marketing: direct mail and outbound calling list optimization

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