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The only constant is change, continuing change, inevitable change. . .

--- Isaac Asimov.



Regional Banks and Credit Unions

Organizations such as CUNA are raising the alarm! Data breaches are the greatest fraud threat to small banks and credit unions.

Regional banks and credit unions have sensitive financial data on their thousands of account holders. Fraudsters are increasingly turning their attention to these smaller financial institutions where they expect to encounter weaker defenses against data breaches. The cost of remediating a data breach may easily destroy the profitability and even viability of these smaller financial institutions.

A major cause of data breaches is the copying of sensitive data from production databases to non-production environments for development and testing purposes. This multiplies the number of databases you need to monitor and protect. It also multiplies the number of employees (IT developers, testers, consultants, sub-contractors) who have access to this sensitive data. This greatly increases the chances of suffering a data breach (studies indicate that 80% of data breaches are perpetrated by insiders -- employees, consultants, or sub-contractors -- not by hackers.

We can help you assess the size of your exposure.


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