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dashMX TM creates dazzling dashboards using the data mining power of Monarch and the charting technologies of MS Excel for visualization of your data over time.
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Excelential TM allows you to prioritize the voluminous data in the Microsoft?Excel spreadsheets you work with, so you can focus on making decisions and doing your job.
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Xcelential™ is dashboard software that posts the key contents of your current Excel spreadsheets on a dashboard. No modifications to the Excel spreadsheets necessary!

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dashMXTM turns Monarch?trend data into MS Excel dashboards. Accumulate years of extracted data in a single repository! Customize dashboards with trend charts from multiple data sources!

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"Variance ExplorerTM showed us that 2 of our once-popular ‘specials?were dropping in sales at an alarming rate. We were able to replace them with new specials that reversed the downtrend."

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For Retailers:
FREE MONEY trapped in unproductive inventory. Find out which items are hogging your inventory budget, and how you can make them more profitable.
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