What we do

What we do

Changes and Trends is a consulting firm that models business processes and uses math to optimize results. We work with companies struggling with their sales, marketing, or operations results...

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Unique Capabilities of Changes and Trends

Why choose us?

There are thousands of companies, large and small, that offer to improve your business processes and results. Why should you choose to work with Changes and Trends? It's in the math...

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Anatomy of a Project

One of our recent projects illustrates how our math-based, lean process helped a division of a business-services company achieve its targets better than expected. We were able to help them "brew a solution" that cut their direct labor costs by 30% compared to a target of only 10%...

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Optimizing Sales Territories
Giving each sales rep an individual territory can negatively affect sales. Here's how... »

The Basic Approaches for Secure Application Development and QA
Companies with data that HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS and FERPA deem private must choose... »

News & Updates
Hospital data breaches going up
A 2012 survey of 250 healthcare organizations shows that the percentage experiencing a patient data breach is up. . »

Judge approves University of Hawaii class-action settlement
The lawsuit involves data breaches of nearly 100,000 students... »